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In the past it was common for people to build their own houses. This was a time-honored tradition and skill that was passed down from father to son. There was a great deal of pride and even more sweat put into the construction. With the industrial revolution, people got further and further away from constructing their own homes and spent more time working to support their family. Construction workers became more specialized and more in demand while the skill of construction know-how worked its way out of general knowledge.

steel home kits

This did not alleviate the need for houses, but now these houses would come at a higher price. Since people have lost touch with their knowledge of building, they now have to hire contractors and architects to complete the work. It does not stop there, electricians, painters, and plumbers are but a few of the professionals that are needed to complete construction.

Fast forward to present time. Not a new idea, but a new take on the housing situation. Steel home kits are a way to get the average citizen back into building their own homes. There are many reasons that this is a good way to get establish a home. It brings the personal investment back into home ownership, steel frame home kits reduce energy costs, the sturdy material is resistant to elements and pests, and durable construction provides better protection during adverse weather.

Steel home kits are manufactured with galvanized steel and is prefabbed for easy assembly. The kits are delivered with step-by-step instructions for how to assemble the construct. Once the foundation has been set, the building assembly is fairly quick and completed within a couple days to a week. Generally, most kits require 4 – 6 people to complete the construction. The home kits are completely customizable so you can be assured that what you receive is actually what you want.

Advantages of using steel in building construction are that steel is not subject to rot like wood constructs are. Additionally, steel will not split or shrink like other building materials. It is a strong material that is resistant to fire, earthquake, tornados and hurricanes. It is also continuously recyclable, which makes it an eco-friendly option to wood framed houses.

Steel framed home kits are energy efficient because they have a higher grade of insulation and steel does not expand and contract with humidity so air leakage is minimized. This means that energy use is more efficient leading to reduced energy bills. This also helps with noise considerations. Steel home kits help to reduce noise transfer and are quieter than wood constructed housing.

Recently, building codes have been updated to allow for steel frame home kits to be incorporated into the building code. Their construction is designed to be easy so that more families can take advantage of this back to nature housing. Mankind has left a big carbon footprint with the continual destruction of trees and our natural environment. Changing the way in which we approach building construction can make a dramatic impact on reducing our carbon footprint and consumption of natural materials and fossil fuels. The designs can be adjusted to accommodate any building needs, and the homes can be built to look quite elegant.

Steel frame home kits

steel frame home kits