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Small mobile homes answer for more mobile, frugal society

From baby boomers to young adults looking to avoid a big mortgage, small is in and so is mobile. Simplicity is the latest watchword. Downsizing both our lifestyles, responsibilities and financial obligations has become increasingly popular. For some it is a response to environmental concerns while for others it is simply a matter of financial necessity. Finally, a growing number of people are tired of how complex life has become and want to stop racing around the maze with the other rats. One sign of this pursuit of simplicity is the growing popularity of small mobile homes. Factory built and then delivered to your home these small mobile homes can either be set on a foundation or on a low trailer.

Small Mobile Homes

What we used to call mobile homes were never really all that mobile. Yes, they were movable from one location to another but not very conveniently. Mostly they stayed in one spot and were moved only when necessary, such as relocating to another trailer park or to a piece of land that had been purchased. However, a new generation of truly movable homes has arrived. These little houses are mounted on wheels and as mobile a recreational camper. They can be lived in year round yet be pulled away to a new location at the drop of a hat.

The homes are generally factory manufactured and brought to the buyer whole. For those who prefer to have their little home built onsite, that option is available for a slightly larger price. Even those homes built in factory can be customized onsite. Among the alternate uses for these fully insulated and tastefully designed homes: a guest cottage, in-laws suite, office, camper, pool house or rental cottage. These little homes can be as rustic or decorative as the buyer wishes. Select a house that looks like a cabin or like a tiny Victorian house; there are even ultra modernistic small mobile homes, some of which are made out of packing crates.

Ranging from as small as 65 to 700 square feet, the interiors are surprising light and airy; many with large windows and some with skylights, there appears to be more room on the inside than one would think, judging by the outside dimensions. Sleeping lofts for those hardy souls who don’t mind climbing a ladder and front porches for those who find it appealing to sit and watch the world go by are among the features available in these ultra small homes. One of the advantages to having your home on a trailer is that as the seasons change you can orient your home’s position accordingly.

Those with sufficient talent can make their own but there are so many aspects to making a truly stylish and comfortable home that it is usually best left to the experts. Do-it-yourselfers have made homes out of packing crates and school buses but they seldom compare to the professionally designed manufactured mobile homes. Before undertaking the job yourself, it is a good idea to looking at a variety of companies and compare the quality of workmanship and the prices. At the very least, it will provide ideas and it might even inspire you to let the experts build your small mobile home for you.

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