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Learn About Small Log Cabin Kits Before Buying

There is one fundamental rule everyone should follow before investing in a project such as a small log cabin kit. This is to gain a bit of an understanding of the materials are typically included in a kit in order to make it complete. The last thing you wish to be doing is searching around for additional materials that have not been included in your original kit, but are necessary in order to complete construction.

small log cabins

What Material Should Be Included?

Any small log cabin kit should be complete and have all the materials needed for successful construction including:
- a log wall kit accompanied by enough log wall assembly hardware
- a roofing system complete with materials (shingles or metal roofing)
- all exterior doors
- all exterior windows
- a subfloor for the first floor if purchasing a milled small log cabin kit
- an interior staircase if purchasing a multi-floor plan that is accompanied by stair and or loft railing
- 1 by 6 Tony and groove lumber used for ceilings and soffits
- all interior wall framing lumber
- all exterior window and door trim
- if applicable, a complete upper subfloor
- all framing and would for constructing gable ends
- if applicable, all decked in porch materials
- all blueprints and/or construction specs

Don't Let The Walls Cave-In

Milled small log cabins will give you a choice of wall sizes that are either 6 x 8 or 8 x 8. Logs are available typically in tree shapes that include D, double D or square. The most common shape used is a D-log. This provides users with a flat interior profile while the exterior profile projects the typical rounded appearance that people have come to accept when owning a log cabin. Square logs present a flat profile on both the interior and outside of the cabin. The double D displays a rounded appearance on both the inside and out. Although Locke should have a double tongue and groove stack between each log. This will provide the owner with two tongue and grooves that are between the exterior and interior of the cabin. Look for kits that provide a full saddle notch at all corners. What this translates to is that the each corner at the end of the small log cabins is visible on both sides. Some kits provide what is called a "butt and pass" style. This is where one log lines up perpendicularly at the corner of another. The next log would pass over the first perpendicular log. This would provide an alternating appearance where every other log protrudes over its neighboring log from a connecting wall. One fact that you must examine and should be included in your small log cabin kit is that the top logs are precut to the roof pitch.

Additional Considerations

While vinyl windows are far less expensive and more economical, consider that wood clad windows are of a higher quality. Door material choices can be fiberglass, wood or wood clad, with the latter being the best quality when considering your small log cabin kits doors. Also, examine the kit in order to make sure that all your roofing materials are included.

Gaining just minimum knowledge about small log cabin kits materials will help you be successful in your new construction project.

small log cabin kits