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A new home will be one of the most expensive purchases within a lifetime, but when planned out correctly it will be also the most rewarding. With the increased cost of materials, lack of available labor and an unstable economy the housing market has recently decreased significantly. The ever increasing population dictates that houses still are built, so how does one overcome and get into a new home without losing everything in the process? Prefab home kits have recently increased in popularity, and are providing opportunity to new home buyers to purchase a home with lasting value in addition to other benefits. As with any other purchase it is necessary to read the fine print and know exactly what is required to complete such an undertaking.

The Advantages of a Prefab Home Kit -

There are several advantages to selecting a prefab home kit when ready to construct a new house. One of the biggest advantages is the consistency in construction pieces. The factory is built with precision equipment that is designed for repetitious cuts with a very small margin of error. This ensures that wood panels, posts, joists, and other materials are identical within the allotted margin of difference.

Weather is often a factor in the construction industry depending on the region of the world. With prefab home kits, this is rarely a concern due to the relative ease of constructing a prefabricated home. This benefit helps to keep costs down that are associated with construction delays.

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In essence, the construction of a prefabricated home starts with laying the floor, attaching the walls, adding in utilities (water, gas, electric) plus ceiling and wall cladding, add the roof, then finish off with interior and exterior furnishings. This is a simplistic view, but this is the method of approach.

Purchasing a prefab home kit does not mean that anything is sacrificed in terms of a traditional home. The design, style, and color are left to the purchaser’s imagination and can be as simple or as elaborate as desired. Prefabricated homes offer all the amenities of standard homes to include walk-in closets, central heat and air, and whirlpool tubs. The sky is the limit inside and out.

With a great deal of concentration being placed on green energy, carbon footprints, and the general state of human ecology, prefab home kits sell their environmentally friendly application. From the material used to the type of products used inside; eco-friendly is a big push in this market.

The Disadvantages of a Prefab Home Kit ;

We have to be realistic though, with everything good there is also some things that are not so good.It would not be right to talk about only one and leave the other out. To make an informed decision both sides of the equation must be evaluated.

Once a kit has been purchased, it still has to be built. They do not come pre-assembled. This means that a construction crew will still need to be hired. The average construction cost of the home is around $150 per square foot, which does not include site work or infrastructure costs. For a 1500sf home, this means an average additional expense of $225,000. This leads into the other downside, financing. For many potential buyers, this becomes a challenge so many forgo their dream of home ownership yet again.

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