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Tips for Buying Log Homes Kits

Is there anything more beautiful than a rustic log cabin? Many people would love to live in a log home, but the price to have one built for you can be exorbitant, which has many turning to the lower cost alternative known as log homes kits. With the right kit, proper tools and a little know how, you can do it yourself for much less. However, before you head out to shop log home kits there are a few things you should keep in mind.

log homes kits

Prep Work

Where are you going to build? If you already have a fairly clear piece of land your preparation work will be fairly simple, however if you are staring at a heavily wooded tract, there will be quite a bit more work to do which may include cutting trees, dozing and leveling the property. Other preparations you may need to make include but are not limited to:
Basement or Foundation- Do you need or want a basement? If not you will need to construct a solid foundation which, depending on where you live, may include copious amounts of concrete work.
Clear Path- Log home kits are usually delivered via semi-truck, which means the road into your property must be sound and any low lying branches will need to be cut back to prevent damage to the truck.
Permits- Do you need permits? This will depend on where you live, each state, county and city will have their own regulations when it comes to new construction.


What do you think of when you hear the phrase log cabin? For many people cedar instantly springs to mind, however this is not the only type of logs available. Lodge pole pine and other wood types may be available. It should be noted that cedar is often preferred since it is naturally termite resistant. In some cases you will be required to use an annual sealant to protect the wood from termites and weathering.


How big is your log cabin going to be? Log homes kits come in a variety of sizes from small cottage type to huge palatial options. Of course, the larger the structure the more you can expect to pay and the longer it will take to assemble. This is really something that should be determined early on in the planning phase since it will affect the size of your foundation or basement as well.


Will you be completing the construction yourself or would you prefer to leave it to the professionals? Log homes kits are available from a number of retailers across the country at a variety of price points, not all of which include the cost of professional labor. If you are extremely fortunate you will have a number of friends and relatives you can enlist in your project, however if you are all alone you may want to hire professional installers or finishers.


Log homes kits are becoming increasingly popular and offer the average home owner/builder many different options to consider. With some kit providers you can even select your inner and outer doors, windows and much more while others will provide simpler plans and kits. Weigh your needs and options very carefully before deciding on a particular retailer or specific log homes kit.

log home kits