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Specials Bird House Plans to Attract The Blue Birds

Birds search for shelters and proper places to make their nest. It is said that nature attracts birds. They take shelter according to season in every country. So are the blue birds. You can put up a house for them to settle and take rest. Before trying to make a blue bird house plan you need to observe the kind of species that visit your backyard or garden. This is more important to pick one of the types of house suitable to them. Blue bird house plans are in great demand to attract certain kind of birds. It is always believed that birds take shelter where ever they feel secure. They won’t take shelter without plan because they fear from prey and other animals. Mostly the western birds look for a deep hollow space to take shelter or build nest in it. If you are of the passion to build a blue bird house then you need proper planning and selection of place to start the project.
blue bird house plans What should be used to make one project of bird house?
There should be a rectangular box with a roof on the top. Make flooring with ventilations in the corners and be careful to reduce the size of holes to stop the entry of snakes and mice to get in and swallow eggs. Blue birds are certain species which does not need any hole under the branch.
The material to build the house is wood that is untreated. Use it without paint and must be real without any chemicals on it. Avoid using plastic, glass, metal or any other material that is harmful; to birds. The best to use is rough wood. The reason to take rough wood is because it s a rough surface to get a grip for the birds to stay in the nest. A soft and smooth material makes the condition worst in the house for birds by causing slippery to them.
How to design the house
Keep in mind the seasons and make plans for bird house as providing proper ventilation is important to the nest. The hole to enter should be free so that the wings won’t get damaged by getting stuck in it.
Select a right spot to keep the blue bird house plan. Actually blue birds are bigger in size than sparrows and need special care and sufficient accommodation to stay in house. The house should be placed from four to six feet height as it is safe to keep away from mice. The area must be away from busy places as the birds get frightened with the people moving around.
Benefits of blue bird house plans
It’s a very exciting work for children who are crazy about bird species. You have to help children if they are interested to prepare one in the garden or any open area near to house. You must instruct them with certain knowledge about the blue bird houses. In case of material, you find online in the form of packages to make one.
Once you set the bird house plan, you can enjoy the sight of beautiful birds with charming sounds in the morning. This is a very good activity to perform in vacations with family and friends.

bird house plans