small house kits
small house kits

Small House Kits

It may be a case of the pendulum swinging back from the McMansions that so many discovered they could not afford. It could be the high cost of energy or even a desire to simplify our lives, whatever the reason a movement is afoot for the construction of “small houses”. Companies specializing in small house kits offer a variety of small to tiny homes designs, some of which are even built to be towed.

small house kits

Who buys small house kits, and why? Many people who thought they wanted more house than they needed discovered they no longer wanted to pay more than necessary in utilities. Smaller means less heating costs, less time spent cleaning and less stuff needed to make a home look pleasantly full. Many people simply want a simpler life style and a small home is a natural extension of that.

A growing number of people are embracing the self-sufficiency movement and want a home that is easier to sustain and that they can build themselves. The time is ripe for smaller houses because in addition to the increase in energy costs, couples are having fewer children and more people than ever are living alone. People are also concerned about the environment and wish to leave as small a footprint as possible.

Why not buy an already traditional small house? Small house kits are designed so that every bit of space is used to the best advantage. Additionally, although some are for homes as large as 875 sq. ft. others are well under 300 sq. ft. and those designed to be on wheels may be less than 100 sq. ft. Another thing to consider is that these houses will be more energy efficient than a small old house due to superior materials and increased insulation.

Small house kits are not only ordered by those who want to live in them but also for those who want to use them for office space for a home based business. Others use them as a guest cottage for when relative or friends come to stay. Mobile small houses are used the same way trailers are used. Go to a lake or mountain retreat and the guest cottage you stay in may be constructed from one of these kits.

Things to consider when choosing a small home kit:
Think twice before choosing a model that requires you to climb a ladder to go to bed
Consider whether you can live indefinitely without a bathtub, before choosing a shower only model
Find out ahead of time if electrical and plumbing is included
If you do not feel comfortable constructing the house yourself, line up a builder before buy either a kit or a design

small house kits

While small house kits may cost more than some older small houses, the house built from the kit will be more energy efficient. An already existing house can be retro fitted with new windows, doors and insulation, but the cost of such renovations will most likely exceed the cost of the kit. Moreover, a house built from one of these kits is specifically designed for its size with proportions deliberate chosen to be pleasing to the eye. The layout of these homes is carefully planned to give the allusion of more space and storage needs are taken into consideration.

When Bigger isn't Better: Small House Kits

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